The Urban Key


The Urban Key is your best tool to get around the city and limit what you touch. With antimicrobial properties, this 100% brass key will help you stay safe. Attach it to your keychain and always be on guard.

Use The Urban Key To:

  • Open Doors
  • Push buttons
  • Tap Touch Screen Devices
  • Carry Groceries
  • Crack Open A Cold One


Made In Canada

Every product is locally sourced, created and produced in Waterloo Region.

Open Doors

Push Buttons

Cross Safely

Carry Groceries

What People Are Saying

"I bought a three pack and gave one to each of my parents. The local pickup option was awesome too. My order was ready the same day I ordered. Thanks guys!"

by Jessa

"Love that these guys are local and produce such a high quality product. I've been using it to open doors, push buttons, etc. It's nice to have on my keychain and it's quick and easy to grab when I need it."

by Justin

"Great key. Really high quality and seems like it can hold a lot of weight."

by Alex

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